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2014 Election SeasonYour Ocean Reef Political Action Committee (ORPAC) will begin their election research and interview process shortly. ORPAC will be sending their recommendations prior to each election. Since most voters at Ocean Reef are away during the summer, voting by absentee ballot is very popular. This year there is a change in the way the Supervisor of Elections Office is accepting absentee ballot requests. They can no longer accept the request by phone....CLICK THE TITLE ABOVE TO READ MORE!
Hurricane SeasonPreparing for Hurricane Season June 1 Through November 30
Hurricane season is here again and as we have learned over the years, predictions of active or inactive hurricane seasons donít always pan out so well. This means that we all need to be prepared in the event that a hurricane does impact our community this year. Most of you have experienced at least one and usually several hurricanes and have a good plan of action for yourself and your family. Below are a few hurricane preparation reminders as we begin the new hurricane season....CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ MORE!
Iguanas and the WhiteflyHas the Iguana population increased at Ocean Reef? If you hang out too long on the 5thhole of the Dolphin Course, you might have reason to think so. But Greg Lunsford, our Ocean Reef Community Associationís VP, assures us the number has not changed. Surprisingly some residents enjoy having these grotesque but harmless (except to your flowers) creatures in their yards. However, If you are not one of the pro-iguana crowd, call your Pest Control Company or the ORCA office and they will arrange removal by a Pest Control agent Ö.CLICK ON THE TITLE ABOVE TO READ MORE!
Marina Drive Improvements and Pedestrian SafetyORCA is improving Marina Drive and the cart paths in that area. Road work will continue through the beginning of August with periodic road closures. During the day one lane of Marina Drive will be closed and one lane open. Traffic will be re-routed during this time so that access to all areas will available. The windy cart path in front of Marina Village will remain open in both directions and all carts are encourage to use it during construction. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the improvements will be worth it!...CLICK THE TITLE ABOVE TO READ MORE!
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