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Re-entry for Returning ResidentsIt is important for all residents to obtain their “resident re-entry vehicle decal” in order to be allowed back into the county after an emergency event. (Click above for the full article)
Restoring the Everglades National Parks Iconic Flamingo Visitor Center Everglades National Park and the South Florida National Parks Trust have won a $250,000 grant to restore the park’s iconic Flamingo Visitor Center after a six-week national voting campaign, the trust said Wednesday.
They know Which Way the Wind BlowsWeather Office in Key West Plays Vital Role During Island Storms (Click above for the full article)
Stay Informed About Drinking Water"Once again we are proud to present our annual drinking water report, covering all drinking water testing performed between January 1 and December 31, 2015." (Click above for more information)
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