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Improving flows and pressure in north Key Largo

The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority is currently undertaking two projects to improve water service to North Key Largo and Ocean Reef.

Work continues on the C-905 pipeline improvement project, which is a three-phase project consisting of replacing 11 miles of the existing 12” water main with a 16” pipeline from Ocean Reef to the David C. Ritz Booster Pump Station, located at the juncture of C-905 and US 1.

·         Phase 1 replaced the last 3 miles of water transmission main up to the Ocean Reef gate and also included the installation of new metering and valves adjacent to the main gate house at Ocean Reef. This phase was completed in December of 2017 at a cost of $3.2 million.

·         Phase 2 is the replacement of the remaining 8 miles of water transmission pipeline and the project is currently scheduled to break ground in late August. Based on the current schedule, work is estimated be completed in the summer of 2019. Once completed, the existing 12” transmission main will be transferred to the Electric Cooperative to be used as an underground conduit for redundant power lines which will improve the existing power system reliability and performance in Ocean Reef. The new 16” water transmission main will also allow the water storage tanks to be replenished more quickly during consumption peaks.

·         Phase 3 is the final 1,000 feet of water transmission main that will connect the existing transmission main on US1 to the new main on Highway C-905. This phase is currently in design with the construction to coincide with Phase 2 work so both project phases will be completed simultaneously.

Planning is also underway for a second project, which includes the installation of a new interim booster pump station in the Ocean Reef water distribution system, that will improve flows during peak usage periods.   FKAA staff is currently working with ORCA staff on siting the station and once a suitable site is found, design will commence. These improvements, once installed, should allow improved pressures to the terminal ends of the system during peak water usage.

For more information on these projects please contact Julie Cheon at: (305) 295-2150, or at jcheon@fkaa.com.



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