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It is important to determine what your plan of action is well before a hurricane strikes. Once

a hurricane has become a threat to our community, those who wait to secure their homes and

property are often faced with poorly secured homes and increased property damage.

Hurricane season runs from June 1 thru November 30. It is during this time a majority of

the residents of the Ocean Reef community are living in their alternate homes. For residents

who fall in this category, precautions must be taken BEFORE you leave in order to hurricane

secure your home.


• Keep trees and shrubbery trimmed back during hurricane season. Once a hurricane

watch or warning has been issued, it is too late to think about cutting trees.

• Make sure your shutters are in working order.

• If you are going to use plywood to cover your windows and glass doors, make sure

there are pre-drilled anchor holes for quick installation.

• If your home has a skylight, it too must be secured. Again if you are using plywood,

make sure it can be easily installed.

• Bring in all lawn and patio furniture, hanging plants, decorative items etc. Remember,

these could all become small missiles during the storm and cause increased damage to

your home or your neighbor’s.

• Provide safe keeping of valuable items if you are going to leave them here. Remember,

there is no room at the Public Safety Department to store personal items during the


• Turn off the power, gas and water inside your home.

• Lower any T.V. masts, antennae or towers if possible. When doing this, take

precautions not to hit any power or telephone lines.

• Lower the level of the swimming pool about one foot. This will accommodate heavy


• Make sure you have found a responsible person to secure your home well in advance of

hurricane season.

• Provide emergency contact phone numbers to person(s) who will be taking care of

your property, as well as the Ocean Reef Public Safety Department.


• If you are going to store your boat, make sure have made plans with the person who

will be responsible for this well before hurricane season.

• If you are going to leave the boat on a trailer, make sure the trailer tongue is secured

to a firm spot in the ground, and then take the air out of the tires. You may want to

use fresh eater to add weight to the boat.

• If you are going to leave your boat in the marina, make sure you have all necessary

plans and information filed with the dock office and inform Public Safety.

• If you are going to move your boat, make sure all plans have been pre-arranged.

Conduct a practice run to check the water depth, bridges, tied owns locations, etc.

• Remove ALL electronics from the vessel once it has been secured.




• Make sure you have replacement value on ALL of your property.

• Know your deductible on the policy.

• Make sure your policy covers improvements, additions and rising costs.

• Make sure you have policies covering wind and storm damage as well as flood damage.

• Make sure you keep copies of your insurance policy with you.

Public Safety also asks that you consider the following details:

1.       Is your house equipped with an alarm?

a.      Does Public Safety have the alarm company name and telephone number and alarm code?

2.       Are any vehicles being left behind?

a.       Make, Color, Tag Number:

3.       Dates you plan on being off the Reef?

4.       Will anyone be staying at your home?

a.      When?

b.      Who?

5.       Will you leave a boat behind?

a.       Registration Number or Name:

b.      Location:

Please contact Public Safety at 305-367-2222 or publicsafety@oceanreeef.com and provide the above information so that they can better serve you while you are away.

We all know firsthand the devastation that can occur from a hurricane. The safety and welfare of the residents in our community is the greatest concern of ORCA and the Public Safety Department. With your cooperation we can make this a safe hurricane season.

If you have any questions regarding hurricane safety, procedures for securing your home etc., please contact the Ocean Reef Public Safety Department at 367-2222.

This information is provided by the Ocean Reef Public Safety Department.

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