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What is ORCA? 

ORCA is a large and unique homeowner association that was formed in January, 1959 and consists of approximately 2,000 property-owning members. ORCA protects and preserves this paradise that many call home by providing a multi-functioning Public Safety Department (security, fire and paramedic) and by maintaining and evolving the visual aesthetics of the community – green spaces, architectural design, vacant lot and public area maintenance, roads, signage, lighting, bridges, canals and community art . ORCA is also responsible for TORN (The Ocean Reef News) and the ORCA Telephone Directory. ORCA also manages and assists a number of diverse groups: Volunteer Fire Department, ORCAT (Trap-NeuterRelease program for cats), ORPAC (Ocean Reef Political Action Committee), the NKLUC (North Key Largo Utility Corp.) and the reverse osmosis system.

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ORCA Administration

ORCA Administration covers the following functional areas:

  • Accounting/Finance: The Accounting/Finance Department processes accounts receivable and accounts payable, prepares account reconciliations and financial statements, calculates and records capital credits, and processes payroll. 
  • Communications: The Communications Department provides timely and appropriate information to ORCA stakeholders by communicating ORCA’s values, regulations, activities, and accomplishments through a variety of channels, including TORN, ORCA’s website and links, social media pages, ORC Member Handbook, ORCA Phone Directory, and The Ocean Reef Press.
  • Membership: The Membership Department reviews and evaluates all potential property owners at Ocean Reef for acceptance into the Association. The Department educates and integrates new members into the community.
  •  Human Resources: The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment, on boarding, compensation, employee benefits (including insurance and 401(K)), training and development, workers compensation, and separation of employment.

Ocean Reef Public Safety Department (ORPSD)

ORPSD is a staff of well qualified individuals organized under the guidance of the ORCA President and Vice President/Director of Public Safety to provide public safety services (EMS, Security, and Access Control) to the Ocean Reef community.  The focal point of ORPSD is a communications center located in the Public Safety building on Anchor Drive.  This center is the receiving station for 911 Emergency calls as well as HELP or assistance calls from members and guests of Ocean Reef.  Upon receipt of an emergency or HELP call, qualified personnel and equipment are dispatched in response to the call.

Ocean Reef Volunteer Fire Department (ORVFD)

The ORVFD is a non-profit tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Corporation created to provide Fire and EMS services to Monroe County District 7.  This Fire District includes all of Ocean Reef, the Angler's Club and the northern portion of CR 905 and Card Sound Road. 

ORVFD owns its building and most of the equipment utilized by the ORPSD.  ORVFD does not have paid employees, however a well-trained core of volunteers is available to work with the ORPSD to preserve life and property.

    Public Works Department

    The Public Works Department enhances and maintains the community common property to the highest level for the benefit of the entire Ocean Reef Community.  The Department is responsible for the maintenance of roads, bridges, landscape lighting, street lighting, land and waterway signage, and canal cleaning to assure the aesthetic appearance and character of the community.

    North Key Largo Utility Corporation (NKLUC)

    NKLUC was organized in 1995 to provide wastewater treatment and irrigation water production for ORC and the Ocean Reef Community.  This organization has a Board of Directors and conducts business as a separate organization.  ORCA manages its operations and assigns staff to provide necessary services as required.

    ORCAT and The Grayvik Animal Care Center

    ORCAT was first organized by community volunteers and leaders in 1985 to assist with managing Feral Cat populations in Ocean Reef.  This charitable organization, with assistance from ORCA starting in 1994, has a separate Board of Directors that assists with fundraising. ORCA manages its operations and assigns staff to provide necessary services as required.  ORCAT, Inc. is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. 

    In 2006, the Grayvik Animal Care Center (GACC) was established as a facility to provide private veterinary and grooming services to residents and guests of Ocean Reef.  The GACC also houses the ORCAT program and over 100 ORCATs.

    Please contact the Human Resources Department at 305-367-6305 or if you have any questions.

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