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Lexi Broeman, 2018 Pet of the Year

It’s almost time to crown the Pet of the Year! Since beginning in 2017, bidding for the crown has been a popular auction item at the All Charities Weekend. Get ready, the 2019 bidding will begin on February 8 at

In 2018 the winner was Ina Broeman, with her precious pup “Lexi” taking the crown. Lexi was born on December of 2009 in the Florida Keys and was rescued by the Ina at the Key Largo Humane Society. Lexi now summers in Cincinnati and winters at Ocean Reef. Her favorite things to do are open doors without permission, and take long walks to the Club House in the morning with her buddy Teddy. You’ll often find Lexi at her favorite place, the Bell Stand, where she visits for tasty dog treats!

Also, don’t forget to come see Lexi pass the crown to the 2019 Pet of the Year on the runway at Catwalk on February 18.