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The Ocean Reef Community Association (ORCA) Keeps the Reef Running by providing city-style services to the entire Ocean Reef Community. Unlike other homeowners associations, ORCA provides fire, medical and security services through our Public Safety department, sewer and irrigation services through our utility plant, and a public works department that maintains our community’s landscape and infrastructure. Your Ocean Reef Community Association provides the most services and has the lowest all-in cost (association cost and property tax) compared to any other similar community! 

ORCA also manages a number of diverse groups: Volunteer Fire Department, Grayvik Animal Care Center (Home of ORCAT), the NKLUC (North Key Largo Utility Corp.) and the Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Discover ORCA Departments

Meet the Team

Juan PerezORCA President

Ariel ArtimeVice President/Director of Public Safety and Operations

Laura LenhartVice President / Director of Administration

Jeff OeltjenVice President/Director of Public Works & Utilities

Nearly four decades ago, on an isolated key off the Florida coast, a few hundred homeowners found themselves on their own. They had turned a 1940’s fishing camp into the foundations of the remarkable Ocean Reef Club. But as their numbers grew, they had to set up their own security and fire department, pest control, and canal cleaning. They had to maintain their own roads, sewers, vacant lots and public areas. In their hands was responsibility for their mail room, waste collection, their little telephone directory, even a community newspaper. They needed the services a small city might provide. There just wasn’t a small city around.

These homeowners decided to govern themselves. They called 
themselves the Ocean Reef Improvement Association. And that’s what they did: improve life for all homeowners on the Reef — until 1992, when the storm of the century, Hurricane Andrew, ripped through their island and left their community shattered.

They didn’t stay down long. On January 14, 1993, with the support 
of their community association, Ocean Reef homeowners stepped up to raise $52 million, buy the Ocean Reef Club from its developer, and make it member-owned. Now, they called themselves ORCA, the Ocean Reef Community Association. Led by the inspired vision of ORCA Presidents Tom Davidson and Alan Goldstein, they took control of their community and the Reef’s destiny. 

Today, the same association that helped rescue the Ocean Reef Club is 
still the exclusive voice of Ocean Reef Property owners. We still govern ourselves and provide the superior services many small cities might envy. ORCA: We Keep the Reef Running!