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Join us to help maintain ORCA's goal of Protecting and Preserving the Ocean Reef Paradise.

ORCA Community Management covers the following functional areas:

  • Accounting/Finance: The Accounting/Finance Department processes accounts receivable and accounts payable, prepares account reconciliations and financial statements, calculates and records capital credits, and processes payroll. 
  • Communications: The Communications Department provides timely and appropriate information to ORCA stakeholders by communicating ORCA’s values, regulations, activities, and accomplishments through a variety of channels, including TORN, ORCA’s website and links, social media pages, ORC Member Handbook, ORCA Phone Directory, and The Ocean Reef Press.
  • Membership: The Membership Department reviews and evaluates all potential property owners at Ocean Reef for acceptance into the Association. The Department educates and integrates new members into the community. 
  • Human Resources: The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment, onboarding, compensation, employee benefits (including insurance and 401(K)), training and development, workers compensation, and separation of employment.

Please contact the Human Resources Department at 305-367-6305 or if you have any questions.

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Equal Opportunity Employer