Jim Meenan had a 35 year career with AT&T in which he served in a number of senior executive financial and operating roles with global responsibility. Mr. Meenan and his wife Clare were raised in the Chicago area and married in 1966 following graduation from University. Their family relocated several times during his career.  Clare was an elementary school teacher finding a new position with each family move as well as settling family into the new location. They moved to Toronto in 1994 and established AT&T’s presence in the country as CEO of AT&T Canada and served in this capacity until retirement in 2002. Jim and Clare are citizens of both the Canada and the US.

Jim has served on the Board of Directors and consultant to a number of companies since retirement.  These companies span several industries including telephony, financial services, information technology and healthcare. Jim was engaged as a consultant to plan and startup MaRS an incubator of life science and technology companies in Toronto. He currently serves on the Board of two Canadian companies.

In late 2005, Jim completed the Institute of Corporate Directors Governance Course in Toronto and received the Canadian Director Certification in 2006. He has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota and his Masters in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.

Throughout their careers, Jim and Clare have volunteered and served on boards of a number of civic, religious, cultural and educational organizations. Currently, Clare serves on the Board of Children Keys Foundation and Jim on the Board of the Medical Center,

Jim is currently Vice Chairman of the Reverse Osmosis Water Committee and the ORCA Finance Committee.

The Meenan’s enjoy golf, tennis, biking, walking, travel and spending time with their three children and eight grandchildren that range in age from 2 through 18. Jim and Clare spend their summer months in their summer months at their home in New Vernon, NJ.